Replacement Fees

First Card Issued

Fee: No Charge

Card Replacement with No Charge

Fee: No Charge, but the current valid ID card must be surrendered at the time the new card is made. Otherwise this will be considered a lost card transaction.

Reasons for a No Charge Replacement:

  • Change in status (ie. Fac/Staff to Student)
  • Name change (Need updated proof of identification, such as a passport, U.S. driver’s license, or marriage certificate)
  • Damaged card from “normal” wear and tear – picture, name, card number, signature, or bar code is unreadable
  • Cardholder’s ID number (not card) has been reported as being inappropriately used – copy of police report provided
  • Card is no longer valid (5 years after card issuance)

Card Replacement with Charge

Fee: $25.00

Reasons for a Charge Replacement:

  • Lost or Stolen card (Click here to suspend a lost card)
  • Damaged card caused by improper care or abuse.
  • Patron wants a new ID even though present card works, is in good condition, and all information is current


  1. Card office staff will determine if card damage is from normal wear.
  2. Whenever possible the University will confiscate ID cards that are no longer valid.
  3. The card replacement fee can be paid by cash, check or credit card. Fees are subject to change without notice.