General Information

Property of UW-Madison

The photo ID card is the property of UW-Madison, is non-transferable, and does not guarantee current university status. Fraudulent use or reproduction of a UW-Madison ID card violates Wisconsin criminal statutes and will be referred for prosecution.

Valid ID Cards

The ID card issued to an individual is valid for five years. If you should have a break in your education or employment do not throw away your card because the card will become active again when you return.  Only the most recent card issued to you is valid.

Lost and Found Cards

Any ID card that is found should be immediately forwarded to the Wiscard Office at Union South. Anyone looking for a lost card can call (608) 262-3258 to see if the card has been turned in. For information on how to suspend a lost card click here.

Keep It Safe

To prevent identity theft, please DO NOT post a photo of your Wiscard, including ID number, on social media sites.

Proper Care

To extend the life of your ID follow a few simple precautions:

  • Keep your ID in a protective cardsleeve.
  • Keep your ID out of direct sunlight and away from other heat sources such as a clothes dryer.
  • Do not allow your ID’s magnetic stripe to be scratched by keys, change, or other objects.
  • Do not allow your ID to be used as collateral for University services.
  • Do not punch holes in your card.
  • Do not apply stickers.

Questions and Concerns

Contact us at (608) 262-3258 or if you need additional assistance.